Wonder of Bees Gift Box


  • Beeswax wraps (1 pack) made with local beeswax.
  • Honey.
  • Honeycomb chocolates.
  • Beeswax candle.

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Bees are magnificent creatures. From navigating using the sun to communicating by dance, bees are a crucial part of our farm’s natural ecosystem. These endlessly fascinating insects are responsible for pollinating the huge rainforest trees that grow on our farm as well as the the flowering weeds and clover in our paddocks.

In recognition of the oversized contribution of these tiny powerhouses, our Wonder of Bees gift box is a bee-friendly nod to the gigantic contribution of the honeybee:

  • Coastal ironbark honey from beehives hosted on our farm.
  • A pack of beeswax wraps (made with local beeswax by Bush & Bee, Yatte Yattah).
  • Handcrafted beeswax candle.
  • Chocolate honeycomb (made by Woodstock Chocolates Co., Milton).

Important message for our customers about bee and honey product quarantines:

Australian states and territories have strict quarantine rules for certain products, including bee and honey products. Please ensure that if you order this product, that you are not violating your state’s or territory’s quarantine laws for bee and honey products.

Note on shipping options:

This gift box, which contains handcrafted chocolates, is only shipped via Express Post.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 13 cm