Our Products

Our curated gift boxes are celebrations of farm life: we take natural resources from our farm, share these with artists, crafters and local businesses, who then make exclusively for us small batch, handcrafted products which we package into curated farm craft gift boxes.

Perfect for special occasions, our gift boxes can be a lovely surprise for a friend or an all-natural way to express gratitude to someone special.

When you buy one of our gift boxes, you are supporting real people and regional small businesses who truly do live and craft and make art and create and farm and keep bees on the South Coast of NSW.

We’re not a misleading hashtag. We are not a major business, with a suburban post box, disguising itself behind faux rustic packaging and agristic branding.

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Our Story

Hunter & Pumpkin Online Farm Store was established in mid-2020 by one of the oldest farming families on the NSW South Coast.

Our farm’s volcanic soils support a bounty of high quality citrus fruits, vegetables, herbs, fresh milk, rainforest botanicals and flowers, including our iconic sunflowers.

Artists, craftspeople, small batch manufactures and local businesses, from Milton and the South Coast, are invited to use our farm’s outputs — some of them, such as local artists, take inspiration from our farm’s landscape or use our old fence posts for recycled woodcrafting, such as our local Men’s Shed — to create handcrafted products that we curate into unique gift boxes. We sell only online.

Our Values

Simplicity. Less is more. We use natural ingredients in our products, including fresh produce, rainforest botanicals, herbs, flowers and fresh milk.

Quality. Our products are made in small batches, by hand, and in compliance with labelling and quality standards required of our farm craft products. We are proud to work with craftspeople whose skills (e.g. soap making, beekeeping, spinning, woodwork) link back to some of the oldest craft-making activities in human history.

Integrity. Operating an ethical business. Being honest. Keeping our promises.

Respect. For the planet. For the people who live on it. For its non-human inhabitants, from the tallest trees growing in our rainforest to the smallest creatures that renew our volcanic soils. Our packaging choices — recyclable glass, compostable paper and board, fair-trade resources — are one way in which we demonstrate our respect for the planet. We also plant over 1,000 trees per annum on our farm. Part of Milton’s ancient rainforest thrives on our farm, and local volunteers, working under the supervision of an endangered species expert from the NSW Government, help us maintain and protect it.

Customer commitment. We commit to offering authentic, Australian-made farm craft products that convey the joy of farm living and demonstrate respect for nature. Our customers, in turn, are committed to supporting regional businesses and share with us the values of respect, integrity, quality, simplicity.

Our Name

We are Hunter & Pumpkin Farm Store, a proudly Shoalhaven small business, operating from our farm in Milton, NSW, and selling our products online only.

Our farm is home to two ginger cats living their best lives.

These playful felines are the inspiration behind — and brand ambassadors of — our online farm store.

Having graciously allowed their names to be used in the eponymous Hunter & Pumpkin Farm Store, these curious, intelligent, independent cats perfectly embody the spirit of our farm store brand.

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